Transfer tapes

Special adhesive tapes without carrier, constituted by a high performance acrylic adhesive mass, of different thicknesses.

Available with removable adhesive (WT-9121) and permanent (WT-9123, WT-9127, WT-9150), either in 3 "cardboard core or in reverse form with 1” plastic core. Thanks to WT-R50 dispenser it’s possible to apply the tape quickly and accurately.

Fields of use

  • WT-9121 Thanks to removable adhesive, this tape is indispensable in those cases where it’s necessary adhesivize temporarily supports, allowing subsequent removal of the adhesive without damaging the surfaces concerned.
  • WT-9123 Low thickness transfer tape (0.05 mm), with permanent acrylic adhesive, reinforced with glass fibers. Suitable for bonding of different types of surfaces in the paper field, photo, sample, leather etc...
  • WT-9127 Similar product to WT-9123, but with a modified acrylic adhesive, reinforced with glass fibers. Recommended for applications where it’s necessary a low thickness and tougher adhesion. Good resistance to UV rays and plastic surfaces.
  • WT-9150 High thickness transfer tape (0.13 mm), composed with a modified acrylic adhesive and reinforced with glass fibers, high performance. Suitable for bonding difficult surfaces as plastic, treated, corrugated cardboard, metals, installation of mosquito nets etc... Excellent resistance to UV rays.

Surfaces and applications

The range of transfer tapes is indicated for bonding many surfaces such as paper, cardboard, metal, or plastic, glass, wood, mosquito nets, exhibitors, pre hinges positioning in leather, photographic industry, etc...