Signalling tapes

Vinyl tape

VINYL TAPESingle sided adhesive vinyl tape, yellow, with rubber-based solvent adhesive.

Suitable for delimitation of inside areas, track lanes, highlight machinery, plant, equipment, fire protection systems, etc...

Formidable adhesion to any dry and clean surfaces and has excellent wear resistance, moisture, solvents and trampling.


PVC tape

PVC TAPEPVC tape with double colors oblique strips for delimitations of areas. Suitable for inside areas, for signaling mobile or fixed obstacles, dangerous dimensions, entry and exit, etc...

Easy to apply, composed of a plasticized PVC film thickness 0.15 mm, with a very aggressive rubber-based solvent adhesive. Formidable adhesion to any dry and clean surface and has excellent resistance to wear, moisture, solvents and trampling. Excellent mechanical strength.

Available in rolls of 75 mm x 100 m, in white/red, yellow/black, white/green.

Antislip tape with slogan

NASTRO ANTISCIVOLO CON SLOGANDouble color signaling tape, consisting of an anti slip corundum medium grit backing and a modified solvent acrylic adhesive.

Available in die-cut size 150 mm x 600 mm yellow / black with the slogan: "WATCH YOUR STEP" or "CAUTION".

Bivalent product because the bright colors show a dangerous area and the anti slip properties ensure excellent grip, preventing the risk of falls and injuries.