Safety line

Articles for the person protection (eyes, head and hearing) and signposts tapes, composing the World Tapes Safety line.

Antislip tapes

The Anti-slip Tapes from World Tapes, have an excellent weather resistance and are suitable for outdoor and indoor applications as showers, swimming pools, boats and wherever you want to prevent the risk of falls.

SAFETY TREAD is the best anti slip tape of the range available in 10 colors, in different formats, in the variants PHOTOLUMINESCENT, RESILIENT for barefoot walking surfaces (boats, showers and swimming pools) and CONFORMABLE (for uneven surfaces as ramps, stairs and grids).

Signaling tapes

The signaling tapes of World Tapes, are suitable for cordoning dangerous areas…and they may have written or slogan, also customizable.

Photoluminescent tapes

In rolls or adhesive strips, for bonding any smooth surface (walls, floors, equipment), the photoluminescent tapes line, conquest growing consensus and includes: anti-slip photoluminescent tapes, anti-slip tapes with reflective band and photoluminescent adhesive tape for signaling.