Installation and maintenance of anti slip tape safety tread

Preparation of surface

1. Ascertain that the surface is clean, dry and smooth before applying the Safety Tread.
2. Repair or replace any broken or damaged on the surfaces, making the removal of debris, cracks or paint encrusted.
3. Clean the surface with a stain remover or solvent and then allow to dry perfectly.
4. Apply the Safety Tread with a minimum temperature of 5 °C.

Instructions for application

1. The individual pieces must be applied while keeping a distance between them to a minimum of 12 mm to a maximum of 50 mm.
2. Pull off the protective liner and fix the tape on the surface.
3. IMPORTANT: minimize the contact of the adhesive with your fingers.
4. Continue to remove the protective liner by simultaneously pressing the material against the surface.
5. For a best adhesion, we recommend using a rubber roller for fixing better the product on the surface.

Maintenance of the product

To maintain the effectiveness of the product, the application must be verified regular, placing particular attention to dust and debris that could compromise the optimal functionality of the tape. The steps and the Safety Tread should be brushed regularly. Use an appropriate cleaner to keep the material and surrounding surfaces free from dirt and grease.

Remove the consumed material

Begin to remove the old material with a heat gun, this can surely help you in this process. After removing it, use an industrial cleaner to remove the adhesive residue, thus preparing the surface for subsequent application.

For correct use

1. All surfaces must be clean and dry, respecting the minimum application temperature.
2. The rubber roller is used to ensure a solid adhesion during the product application.
3. The Safety Tread can be applied on most painted surfaces in good condition and the painted surfaces must be completely dry before application.
4. The Wood treated or not, should be painted before applying the Safety Tread Tape.
5. Do not apply Safety Tread over cement or grout, and all those surfaces with cracks and crevices.
6. It is recommended to preserve the product in its original packaging, in a dry place with maximum humidity of 50%.

Surface cleaning

Surface Cleaning
Metal, polypropylene, polyethylene Clean with solvent
Painted metal, plastic painted, painted wood, glass, varnish floors Clean with solvent, degreasing, rinse and let dry
Porous cement Degrease, rinse and dry
Painted cement Degrease, rinse and dry
Vinyl tiles, marble, terrace, ceramic Remove wax, wash, rinse and dry
Marble tiles Degrease, rinse and dry